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INOXCVA a step ahead in safety and quality

Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, ISO383

 Comprehensive welding quality requirements audit completed successfully at INOXCVA-Kandla works by The Indian Institute of Welding – ANBCC Welding is a so-called “special” process, which means that we cannot make a complete verification of the welded joint without destroying it. The welding technology being one of the key ingredient in the cryogenics and always been tested and challenged at various stages worldwide. With the continuous efforts in improving the welding methods, ISO 3834-2 audit was successfully completed leading to the remarkable steps for the INOXCVA. The standard ISO 3834-2 sets out requirements for manufacturers to meet, in order to apply good practice to their welding operations.To ensure the proper quality of your welded product and to optimize your manufacturing cost, the whole welding process must be controlled from the very start.

ASME re-certification audit completed successfully at Kandla works.

ASME certification is one of the mandatory certification to achieve for the success in the cryogenic sector. Once again with our superb quality system and systematic documentation and a brilliant performance records our Kandla facility has been re-awarded recertification on ASME. The audit is among the toughest audits however the fingers remains crossed and the success finally knocks the doors.