Cryogenic Process Technologies

Taking up complex Design and Analysis challenges. Basic and detailed design calculations for customized solutions, thermal and structural stability design analysis, detailed 3D modeling and more.

  • Inert Gas Supply Systems

  • Cold Boxes for Cryo Process

  • LH2 Systems, LHe Cryostats & Systems

  • Heat Exchanges & Cryogenic Coolers

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Be it pushing Cryo-technology to higher orbits, designing & development initiatives for Clean Energy and Ultra-low Temperature applications, or applying engineering expertise for Advanced Technologies and turnkey solutions for Scientific & Industrial Research – INOXCVA is leveraging its cutting-edge technical expertise and expansive product portfolio to innovate Clean Energy solutions that make a world of difference to the world, with development of Green Energy.

Achieved excellence in Design, Modelling, Analysis, Sourcing, Procurement and Manufacturing of storage, distribution & transport equipment for Cryogens ranging from 2 to 200oK (-271 to -73oC) Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon.

Satellite & Launch Facilities

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Cryogenic Propulsion System & Research

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Fusion (ITER) Superconductivity

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